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Doki Doki!? Winter Romance
ドキドキ!? Winter Romance
Doki Doki!? Winter Romance Banner
Event Period
The Doki Doki!? Winter Romance ran from 16 January 2019 15:00 JST to 23 January 2019 14:59 JST.
Kitakado, Ashu, Nome, and Haruhi will be filming a drama at a ski resort. Nome was selected as the leading actor, but when he hears this will be a “romance drama”, he—

Points Reward Photo
【Hot Milk】Teramitsu Haruhi 1【Hot Milk】Teramitsu Haruhi 2
【Snow Rabbit】Kitakado Tomohisa 1【Snow Rabbit】Kitakado Tomohisa 2
【Hot Milk】Teramitsu Haruhi
【Snow Rabbit】Kitakado Tomohisa
Gacha Photo
【A New Door】Nome Tatsuhiro 1【A New Door】Nome Tatsuhiro 2
【Copycat】Ashu Yuta 1【Copycat】Ashu Yuta 2
【A New Door】Nome Tatsuhiro
【Copycat】Ashu Yuta

Star Point Photo Bonus
【Hot Milk】Teramitsu Haruhi 3
【A New Door】Nome Tatsuhiro 3
【Hot Milk】Teramitsu Haruhi 2
【A New Door】Nome Tatsuhiro 2
【Hot Milk】Teramitsu Haruhi 1
560 Event Point 560 Event Point 280 Event Point 280 Event Point 280 Event Point
【A New Door】Nome Tatsuhiro 1
【Copycat】Ashu Yuta 2
【Snow Rabbit】Kitakado Tomohisa 2
【Copycat】Ashu Yuta 1
【Snow Rabbit】Kitakado Tomohisa 1
280 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point
Member Bonus
Ashu Yuta GameChibi
Nome Tatsuhiro GameChibi
20 Event Point 50 Event Point

Doki Doki!? Winter Romance CG