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He is the president of Daikoku Production, an entertainment office that represents KitaKore and MooNs.


Atsushi is a handsome, grown-up man with a good build. He keeps his gold-brown hair short and styled, parted at the left. His eyes are brown.

He usually is seen wearing an elegant marine blue three-piece suit (jacket, waistcoat and trousers) with black shoes. Underneath the jacket and waistcoat he wears a light blue button-down shirt. The accessoires consist of a dark tie and a white pocket handkerchief.


The older Daikoku sibling appears in a self-confident manner towards his clients and environment. He as well proved to be knowledgeable about the ways with women.[1] His charm is one of his strong points.

There has been nothing mentioned so far that reveals the past of either of the Daikoku brothers. It is only known that Daikoku Productions was founded by the both of them but Shuji left to establish his own office, Brave Entertainment[1].


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  • 大 (dai) - big
  • 黒 (koku) - black
Given Name
  • 篤 (atsu) - fervent, kind, cordial, serious, deliberate
  • 志 (shi) - purpose, will, determination, aspiration, ambition
Atsushi's name derives from Daikokuten(大黒天), one of the Seven Lucky Gods in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon.