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Latest News
B-PROJECT Half Banner
B-PROJECT 1/2 -half-
Look. The moon is frightfully red tonight. There appears to be an impending commotion——
1 April 2024
Young Blues
Young Blues
2nd Single for Ultras has been announced! Includes Voice Drama.
04 September 2024
B-PROJECT First Duet Banner
B-PROJECT「First Duet」Album
First Duet Album has been announced! Includes Voice Drama.
04 September 2024
「B-PROJECT ~Netsuretsu*Love Call~」BRANDNEW*PARTY Banner
B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~ BRANDNEW*PARTY Blu-ray/DVD
A Special Live Event Blu-ray/DVD has been announced!
18 December 2024

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CD Releases
Young Blues Young Blues 04 September 2024
First Duet First Duet 04 September 2024
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