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Cast tsubasa

Seto Asami-san
as Sumisora Tsubasa

Please tell us about the scene that left the biggest impression on you after you finished recording for this game and the points you want the players to focus on.

The members all had memorable scenes, so I want to talk about each of them, however… if I had to name one, it would probably be the scene with Kitakado-san. Precisely because I have also read the other members’ scenarios that I think Kitakado-san is slightly different, or rather it's like you are in another world; during the exchanges with him it’s like the world suddenly changes, haha. For example, when he invites you for a tea on one occasion or to have breakfast together, this royal atmosphere he exudes is incommensurable. Just as one would expect, you can feel that Kitakado-san is a prince, or rather that he has the money.

Generally speaking, there are many episodes concerning the boys left in the shadows up until now that will be drawn out by talking with Tsubasa. It will be possible to dig deep into each one of them as “individuals”, so I think you will warm up to them even more as you play.

Also, exchanging messages on JOIN, a phone app, occurs frequently in this game. It is the norm in our time, so as you play, talking on JOIN before and after meeting, makes them feel more like real people.


Please tell us what part you felt was fascinating and what part was difficult when you portrayed Tsubasa.

I was the second-generation actress for the second season of the anime, so compared to the fans and, of course, the rest of the cast, I was a complete novice. I was testing various things at first, but now that we are getting a game I have more lines than in the anime and since each of their stories was composed to dig even deeper, I feel like I was able to learn more about Tsubasa while recording.

Tsubasa is a person that earnestly faces each of the members who possess a great deal of individuality, so I portrayed her while being aware of the fact that she always thinks about others before herself. Another thing I was keeping in mind is her dullness. Because of that innocence the attractive young men are sometimes frightened or make unthinkable remarks… Tsubasa herself is surprised by them, but it is unlike her to be left that flabbergasted (laughs), so I portrayed her dullness in the good sense of the word, easy to understand but ​for some reason insensible.

Tsubasa is always looking at her surroundings calmly, but she is also very upfront. She expresses her emotions outwardly and raises her voice when there is something absolutely unacceptable to her or when her precious B-PROJECT is hurt. I was very conscious of the gap with the usually mild-mannered Tsubasa during such scenes.


If you, Seto-san, and Tsubasa, who is always busy running around because of her job as A&R, could spend a day off together, where and what would you like to do?

I would feel bad inviting her out exactly because I know how busy she is. However, what I thought after observing Tsubasa in this game is that outside of work she really is a normal girl. I've caught a glimpse of that aspect especially when she speaks to herself at home or when she walks around town, ahah.

That is why I think meeting with Tsubasa-chan at home would be the best. When girls get together, we’ll go on talking non-stop, right? And if we meet outside we need quite some time to prepare, but at home we can relax. Cooking together, bringing something tasty bought at a department store would be fine too, don’t you think? Her apartment becomes a mess when she is busy, so it would be nice to invite her to mine. I wish we would be able to chat cheerfully and sans gene, like normal girls during our time off.


Lastly, do you have any message to the fans who are looking forward to the game?

I have been involved since the second season of the anime, but B-PROJECT has been engaging in a wide range of content such as music, the first season of the anime and apps ever since before that. It is the first console game that is going to be released this time around, and with the abundant number of voice talents, I think a lot of people are waiting expectantly for it. I took part in the recordings because of my role as Sumisora Tsubasa, but it turned out to be a story in which you really get to know the 14 members better, so I believe you will be attached to them even more after finishing playing the game. It would make me happy if you enjoyed playing it.