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Cast tatsuhiro

Okawa Genki-san
as Nome Tatsuhiro

Now that the recording has finished, outside of your own role, what other member made an impression on you or changed your previous perception of them?

Definitely Aizome. You could already see his breadth of vision in the anime, but I feel like in this game I got to know about that aspect even more. There is a scene in the Bambi days stories where you understand he is a key person in Nome’s life. I was so surprised when I learned about that, but, at the same time, I was mesmerized by the austerity of their relationship. It made me think that Nome and Aizome are truly adults. You wouldn't be able to find that kind of atmosphere in a cafe or restaurant (laughs): the conversations between high schoolers, that age overall, phrases such as "yeah" that usually aren't used much, make that kind of mature atmosphere natural for them.


In this game, each member gets an episode that focuses on the Bambi (trainee) days. Please tell us, without spoilers, if there are aspects you want us to pay attention to or that caught your eye.

MooNs members call Masunaga “Leader”, but during the Bambi days there was no such nickname yet, so the way they called each other compared to the present was fresh and interesting. The relationship among the fellow members at that time is also very compelling: the way KitaKore or THRIVE appeared in MooNs eyes, those emotions, for example, are carefully depicted.

The Bambi days are only a thing of the past, so, as someone who knows the present, the outcome is clear regardless of what happened back then, but as for the reasons and causes of this outcome… it all falls into place. This would be a spoiler so I can’t say more, however every episode had surprises and something fresh that made acting them a lot of fun as well.


Nome, as a B-PRO member and as an idol, is a character with a great sense of balance. You yourself are participating actively in a wide range of genres, such as stage productions, anime voice acting, Tokusatsu dubbing, and host of variety shows, Okawa-san. So, if you could work together with Nome, what kind of genre would you like to do? 

I’d like to be in a radio show without any segments, just talk. Nome is more grown-up than me, so it may not be easy to continue talking about topics for me (laughs). It also sounds interesting to have Nome, whose forte are action scenes, play a superhero in a tokusatsu TV show while I am in charge of the dubbing. Even if it’s not for work, I also really want the two of us to go drinking together. I think it is possible to have a profound talk that is more private than businesslike with him.


Lastly, please leave a message to Sumisora Tsubasa (A&R) with whom you overcome hardships in this game.

Thank you for your hard work. Really, thank you (laughs). I think it’s very difficult to work together with the 14 members of B-PRO. After all, everyone immediately brings in private matters (laughs)!

Those who play the game will come to work together with them as their A&R, but it will be full of hardships or problems. I would like you to go through a hard time together, overcome it together and witness a wonderful scenery.

In addition, I would like you to pay attention to Tsubasa and Nome’s relationship that is shown in this game. There, you can see his growth through the main story, so keep an eye on him, I mean it!