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Cast hikaru

Morikubo Showtaro-san
as Osari Hikaru

Now that the recording has finished, outside of your own role, what other member made an impression on you or changed your previous perception of them?

I was surprised by the fact that each of them… has so many episodes related to Osari. He isn’t only involved with MooNs, but with the other groups too, so rather than a change of impression I feel like it is better to say that overall I made new discoveries.

As for his involvement with MooNs, I’d say that the scenes where he talks with Mikachi (Sekimura Mikado) and Pea-chan (Onzai Momotarou) and where Leader (Masunaga Kazuna) gets angry were impactful. In Nome’s case, rather than his buddy, he is like a parent to Osari (laughs). His image has been that of a cool person, the actual straight man of a comedy duo up until now but in this game there are many scenes where he concerns himself over the way Osari talks and behaves, and I felt like he has a really tender and humanly way of treating him.

Osari is a mood maker, and, if we consider their bond to be like a hamburger (laughs), as the meat everyone is of top quality, but I think he plays an important, necessary part in order for them to become one hamburger. Not because he has an outstanding talent or because he has the charisma to pull the group, but because of his humanness. It’s easy to forget Osari’s pureness when he does this work. He causes a lot of troubles to the other members and definitely seems like the youngest child of the family, but I believe that that's why he’s loved and probably the reason why he’s part of MooNs.


In this game, each member gets an episode that focuses on the Bambi (trainee) days. Please tell us, without spoilers, if there are aspects you want us to pay attention to or that caught your eye.

Being associated with Osari and on top of that portraying him during their Bambi days is something big for me. I did think the road before their debut was precipitous like in the song (“Hikari to Kage no Toki Musubu”, Anime 2nd season ED theme), but I wasn’t able to grasp exactly how they spent their Bambi days, so I'm glad I find out about that in the game.

The fact that Osari also had a period during which he was careless made me think how nice it is that he is a person of humanity. The feelings towards KitaKore, what happened to Mikachi… the sparkling MooNs we know right now exist because of each and all the things that have happened. I enjoyed feeling as if we went from episode 1 to MooNs as we currently know them.

Osari appears in other members' Bambi stories, but, even among those, I was surprised to see him with Ashu (laughs). They made me realize once again that there is a present because everyone turned into fine young men. The stories were truly entertaining, and being able to impersonate Osari during that period of his life was fun.


Osari is a character who is able to draw the members together for an energetic performance. Since Morikubo-san is also a singer, what kind of production or theme would you like to work on if you were to perform with Osari live?

I’d like him to come into my world, rock music, and dance! It would be interesting to create something like a zone that blends rock sounds and his dance and performance.


Lastly, please give a message to Sumisora Tsubasa (A&R) with whom you overcome hardships in this game.

Osari takes on new challenges and I was impressed by this one scene in a side story where he gets serious because of a single phrase from Tsubasa-chan. As you can already understand from that, Tsubasa-chan is a person who has a very positive influence on him. She helps out no matter the circumstances and also watches over the other unique members, so I am truly nothing but grateful. There were a lot of dramatic elements in this game, and this scene when I had to complain as Osari convinced me of that even more strongly.

I really appreciate all of your help! Please, keep supporting us!