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Hanae Natsuki-san
as Ashu Yuta

Now that the recording has finished, outside of your own role, what other member made an impression on you or changed your previous perception of them?

Each of them made an impression on me and some things also look very different now. And that is because I was able to learn about the problems they have been burdened by and all that wasn’t featured so far. Like, even if they behave brightly at first glance, deep down they’re tormented… Yuuta and THRIVE members in particular have an intimate relationship, so I think my impression has changed a little after this game.

Besides THRIVE, there were a lot of scenes with Momotarou; the scenes where Yuuta and Momotarou talk about each other were especially memorable. Momotarou is basically a man of few words and has a mysterious aura, so I’m happy I was able to understand what he actually thought in his heart.


In this game, each member gets an episode that focuses on the Bambi (trainee) days. Please tell us, without spoilers, if there are aspects you want us to pay attention to or that caught your eye.

What kind of group, which members and when will they make their debut… I was deeply moved when I realized that THRIVE is the result of various events and processes. I think these aspects are essential for present and future acting too, so I’m happy I was able to understand that “this matter happened because of this thing” or that “the others think this way”.

Recording the scenes about their Bambi days was truly hard for me because I had to make my voice higher. Yuuta is one of the characters I play with the highest voice to begin with, so going even higher than that... was quite tough (laughs).


Ashu is a character who lacks a complete sense of direction. If Hanae-san were to follow Ashu and end up in a completely different place from where you intended to go, what would Hanae-san do?

I probably would have fun no matter where with Yuuta; I’d just enjoy what the place we arrive at offers! Depending on the time and circumstances, I think it’d be tough for both the actual person that got lost and the one who got dragged into it (laughs), but… he is nice and lucky, too. When lost, up until now he has always met and been helped by someone, so in most cases I think everything will be okay.


Lastly, please give a message to Sumisora Tsubasa (A&R) with whom you overcome hardships in this game.

I think Tsubasa-chan is very important to B-PROJECT members. She has something to say whenever they’re worried, she’s a friend that does her best to overcome the difficulties one by one together with them. I do think it’s not easy with all these quirky members (laughs), but you’re an indispensable figure so B-PROJECT is in your care from now on too!