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Cast miroku

Eguchi Takuya-san
as Shingari Miroku

Now that the recording has finished, outside of your own role, what other member made an impression on you or changed your previous perception of them?

Kitakado-san. This is not about the main story, but there is a scene with Miroku and Kitakado that made me scream “Oh my god!?” from the shock (laughs). While it had a strong impact, I caught a glimpse of a new relationship, or, rather, the kind of thing these two have going on.


In this game, each member gets an episode that focuses on the Bambi (trainee) days. Please tell us, without spoilers, if there are aspects you want us to pay attention to or that caught your eye.

It was impressive to see what kind of hardships, what kind of things they were thinking about… aspects of Miroku and KiLLER KiNG members during their Bambi days clearly described. I believe that especially those who know well KiLLER KiNG, who are so close to each other, will feel like there was a time “that” happened to them, too. Many deeply emotional episodes will occur where you will feel that they overcame all sorts of difficulties to get to where the group currently is, so I definitely want you to focus on those.


Shingari, who you are voicing, is a stoic character and also takes seriously muscle training everyday. If you were to muscle train with Shingari, under what kind of situation or is there a menu you would like to follow, Eguchi-san?

I see… I really don’t want to do it with Miroku (laughs). He’s definitely stoic and I feel like the diet restrictions would also be strict. When I was 30 I decided to give stage plays a go, so in order to get my body in shape, I hit up the gym for the very first time. In order to build muscles, you have to do it until your body is sore, but it is extremely difficult to keep it up until you lose muscles. I developed my concentration, I thought it would be relaxing after getting used to it but it was really painful and when the play was over “Forget it”, I said, and never went to the gym again. Improving your diet is also difficult and not being able to eat my favorite white rice in particular was the hardest thing to do. I was born in Japan, so why can’t I eat it… That is why even if Miroku were to invite me I would politely turn him down (laughs).


Lastly, please give a message to Sumisora Tsubasa (A&R) with whom you overcome hardships in this game.

Becoming an A&R is definitely hard and probably terrifically stressful, considering these members have strong personalities… However, I think we have “Sumisora Tsubasa” exactly because she’s someone who can overtake them. In a sense, she’s a genius. Because of the sacrifices, the world she sees with them is full of deeper meanings.

In this game there are scenes where she interacts with both Miroku and the other members individually, so you (the player) will enjoy the differences between how she deals with a whole team and how she deals with them one by one.

That being said, please continue to take care of us B-PROJECT!