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B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia
B-PROJECT 流星*ファンタジア
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia
Company MAGES Co., Ltd. 株式会社メージス
Publisher PQube (EN)
Release Date 30 September 2021 (JPN Switch)
10 February 2022 (JPN Android/iOS)
15 July 2024 (EN PC via Steam)
26 July 2024 (EN Switch)
20 September 2024 (Traditional CN Switch)
Platform Nintendo Switch™/
Nintendo Switch™ Lite/
iOS/Android (JPN)
Ryusei Fantasia black

B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia is the first Nintendo Switch game of B-PROJECT. The game was announced during THRIVE LIVE2020 -MUSIC DRUGGER-.

Originally scheduled to be released on 9 September 2021, it was postponed to 30 September 2021 in order to improve the quality of the game. The Android and iOS version of the game was further postponed to 10 February 2022.

The EN localization of the game by the publisher PQube, released the game on 15 July 2024 for PC via Steam and 26 July 2024 for Switch.

The Traditional CN localization of the game by the publisher Game Source Entertainment (GSE), released the game on 20 September 2024 for Switch.


B-PROJECT's First Consumer Game!

The unknown past, the hidden secrets, are now being laid bare.

What path will the tormented boys choose as idols, as men――

「B-PROJECT」 is a special unit formerly composed of 3 male idol groups:「KitaKore」, 「THRIVE」 and 「MooNs」. Last year, the 4 members of 「KiLLER KiNG」 joined as a new addition.

A presence in the industry that is growing brighter and more prominent every day. As these 14 unique members, each with their own strong personality, are pursuing the same future, they will face far more difficulties than anyone could have ever imagined.

Still, today「B-PROJECT」stood on one of the biggest stages in the country, the「JAPAN DOME」, and delivered the best performance to their fans. If you close your eyes, you can hear the echoes of 14 voices singing reverberating through that huge venue.

That is the first step to even greater progress. We are promised a bright future.

――Until then, I believed that to be beyond question.

Ryuusei Fantasia introduction bg


Kitakado Tomohisa Game2
Kitakore white

Kitakado Tomohisa


Ono Daisuke AGE ——————✶ 18 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 3/29 HEIGHT ————✶ 180 BLOOD TYPE —✶ AB GRADE ————✶ 1st Year University Gentle and romantic, he is clothed in a princely aura. He grew up in a wealthy family who runs a hospital, and, although he is a person who does not know much of the world, he has a very pure heart that knows no malice. He cares about the members and is always thinking about what he can do.

Korekuni Ryuji Game2
Kitakore white

Korekuni Ryuji


Kishio Daisuke AGE ——————✶ 17 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 11/11 HEIGHT ————✶ 165 BLOOD TYPE —✶ B GRADE ————✶ 2nd Year High School Because he has been working in the entertainment industry since early childhood, he has a loftier sense of professionalism than others and is very mature for his age. That is why sometimes he assumes a harsh attitude toward the members, but it is also because he trusts them that he acts that way. His father is a distinguished actor, but they do not interfere with each other's private lives.


Kaneshiro Goshi Game2
Thrive white

Kaneshiro Goshi


Toyonaga Toshiyuki AGE ——————✶ 19 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 7/4 HEIGHT ————✶ 171 BLOOD TYPE —✶ O

Has a strong artistic vision among the members. Because of his sharp tongue and the fact that he is easily outspoken, he often clashes with the members, but there is also a caring side to him and is adored by his juniors. He lived and studied abroad in the United States​ before his debut.

Ashu Yuta Game2
Thrive white

Ashu Yuta


Hanae Natsuki AGE ——————✶ 17 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 12/24 HEIGHT ————✶ 175 BLOOD TYPE —✶ AB GRADE ————✶ 2nd Year High School Naive, energetic and positive. Because he keeps smiling even in difficult situations one would think he has a happy-go-lucky attitude, but he is attentive to the members and once in a while his comments hit the nail on the head leaving whoever is around dumbfounded.

Aizome Kento Game2
Thrive white

Aizome Kento


Kato Kazuki AGE ——————✶ 20 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 8/30 HEIGHT ————✶ 181 BLOOD TYPE —✶ B

Confident in his figure and attitude towards women. He can communicate well with anyone, but avoids getting deeply involved with others and prioritizes other people's circumstances to hide how he truly feels. Setting his bangs is unusually time-consuming


Masunaga Kazuna Game2
Moons white

Masunaga Kazuna


Uemura Yuuto AGE ——————✶ 19 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 2/23 HEIGHT ————✶ 176 BLOOD TYPE —✶ O

A kind leader figure who always keeps an eye on his surroundings and is trusted by the members. A highly skilled singer and dancer, a perfectionist that never compromises. The reason he continues to make frantic efforts seems to be related to what led him to become an idol...

Onzai Momotaro Game2
Moons white

Onzai Momotaro


Kakihara Tetsuya AGE ——————✶ 19 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 9/22 HEIGHT ————✶ 169 BLOOD TYPE —✶ AB GRADE ————✶ 1st Year University He is taciturn and not very expressive, but is compassionate and good at understanding the subtleties of people; he supports the members from the shadow. He has no bias, nor any likes or dislikes, but while he is tolerant and accepts others as they are, sometimes he belittles himself.

Osari Hikaru Game2
Moons white

Osari Hikaru


Morikubo Showtaro AGE ——————✶ 19 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 5/9 HEIGHT ————✶ 177 BLOOD TYPE —✶ O

Really outgoing and a committed mood maker. He pulls the group together with his energetic performances, but sometimes he pushes himself too hard without even realizing it. He has a certain problem that hides from the fans.

Nome Tatsuhiro Game2
Moons white

Nome Tatsuhiro


Okawa Genki AGE ——————✶ 20 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 1/11 HEIGHT ————✶ 179 BLOOD TYPE —✶ A

The oldest of the group. Although he is abrupt and unfriendly, he acts like a big brother and looks after the members. He shows his passion during concerts, but normally he is a balancer who can be attentive to his surroundings in a calm and collected way.

Sekimura Mikado Game2
Moons white

Sekimura Mikado


Masuda Toshiki AGE ——————✶ 20 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 1/25 HEIGHT ————✶ 177 BLOOD TYPE —✶ A GRADE ————✶ 3rd Year University Courteous towards everyone, an intellectual who behaves like a gentleman. However, the truth is that he is a severe geek, and reveals his real nature in front of those he trusts. In order to satisfy his father, a government official, he completes his studies efficiently while working as an idol.


Teramitsu Yuduki Game2
Killerking white

Teramitsu Yuduki


Nishiyama Koutarou AGE ——————✶ 17 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 4/9 HEIGHT ————✶ 172 BLOOD TYPE —✶ A GRADE ————✶ 2nd Year High School Quiet and mysterious. Being at the center of attention is not his cup of tea and has a demure disposition, but it is not as if he doesn't have his own will, he has his own strong beliefs. He shows his brotherly side to his twin younger brother Haruhi.

Teramitsu Haruhi Game2
Killerking white

Teramitsu Haruhi


Yashiro Taku AGE ——————✶ 17 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 4/9 HEIGHT ————✶ 173 BLOOD TYPE —✶ O GRADE ————✶ 2nd Year High School Unlike his twin older brother Yuduki, he is bright and likes to be the center of attention. He shows his emotions openly and although he has a selfish side, he is upfront and you just cannot dislike him. Because of their complicated background, he and Yuduki lived in an orphanage before joining Bambi.

Fudo Akane Game2
Killerking white

Fudo Akane


Chiba Shoya AGE ——————✶ 18 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 10/30 HEIGHT ————✶ 165 BLOOD TYPE —✶ O GRADE ————✶ 3rd Year High School The leader figure and the oldest in KiLLER KiNG. He is a straightforward person and has a strong sense of responsibility, but he is also sensitive and fragile. He missed his chance to debut in the past, so he underestimates himself. Miroku's childhood friend, they met at the dojo his grandfather runs.

Shingari Miroku Game2
Killerking white

Shingari Miroku


Eguchi Takuya AGE ——————✶ 16 BIRTHDAY ———✶ 5/16 HEIGHT ————✶ 181 BLOOD TYPE —✶ B GRADE ————✶ 1st Year High School He is competitive and a perfectionist; once he decides to do something, he carries it out stoically. It is hard to believe he is the youngest since he makes calm and mature remarks, but occasionally shows a look appropriate for his age. He is not satisfied with KiLLER KiNG's current situation and feels frustrated.


Sumisora Tsubasa Game2

Sumisora Tsubasa


Seto Asami Scouted during her school days to work at the big recording company GANDARA MUSIC. With her deep love for music and extraordinary sensitivity, she makes the utmost efforts to make music as B-PROJECT's A&R.

Yashamaru Sakutaro Game2

Yashamaru Sakutaro


Toriumi Kousuke Company director of GANDARA MUSIC. Ever since joining the company, he has been concentrating on the idol business, where he discovered and trained the members of B-PROJECT.

Daikoku Atsushi Game2

Daikoku Atsushi


Okitsu Kazuyuki President of the entertainment agency 「Daikoku Production」 to which KitaKore and MooNs belong. He is also Shuuji's older brother.

Daikoku Shuuji Game2

Daikoku Shuuji


Namikawa Daisuke President of the entertainment agency 「Brave Entertainment」 to which THRIVE and KiLLER KiNG belong.

Masunaga Nozomi Game2

Masunaga Nozomi


Nojima Kenji MooNs member, Masunaga Kazuna's older brother. Ever since moving to Tokyo, he hasn't been in touch with his younger brother much. He is smart and competent, but fundamentally temperamental and dry. He is hard to read and elusive.


Adventure Part

System adv

System adv 2

System adv 3

System adv 4

This work is an adventure game with a story that goes beyond the "cover". There are 2 endings and by meeting certain conditions you will branch into an epilogue (14 types).

Smartphone Trigger

As you progress through the story, you will be able to interact with the members on your smartphone. Depending on the choice of the main character, the intimacy will change and the story will branch off.

Join icon JOIN

System join

System join 2

「JOIN」, the messaging app.
The content will be various: work-related, casual exchanges and even advices on private matters. Be careful not to miss the right timing to reply.

Phone icon PHONE

System phone

System phone 2

You will receive calls from the members and staff.
It is important to take them early because you will get important calls often, but in case you miss one they will leave a voice message.

Special Content

There are all sorts of mini episodes besides the main story.
Achieving certain conditions within the game unlocks the members personal stories.

Book icon Personal Stories

System personalstories

System personalstories 2

You will find 3 episodes for each member during Bambi (trainee) period.
Unmissable content: the unknown formation of the groups, unexpected pasts and unique episodes about their adolescence.

Book icon Side Stories

System sidestories

System sidestories 2

The most popular episodes from the mobile game 「B-PROJECT Kaikan*Everyday」 are now fully voiced.
There are 28 in total: 「New Frontier」,「Reunion」,「Handmade Magic」,「Love Triangle」 and others, 1 from each of the members' SRs and SSRs scenarios.



Opening Movie

Teaser Movie

Opening Movie

Cast Interview

Cast tsubasa
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Seto Asami
Cast tomohisa
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Ono Daisuke
Cast ryuji
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Kishio Daisuke
Cast goshi
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Cast yuta
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Hanae Natsuki
Seto Asami-san
as Sumisora Tsubasa
Ono Daisuke-san
as Kitakado Tomohisa
Kishio Daisuke-san
as Korekuni Ryuji
Toyonaga Toshiyuki-san
as Kaneshiro Goshi
Hanae Natsuki-san
as Ashu Yuta
Cast kento
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Kato Kazuki
Cast kazuna
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Uemura Yuuto
Cast momotaro
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Kakihara Tetsuya
Cast hikaru
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Morikubo Showtaro
Cast tatsuhiro
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Okawa Genki
Kato Kazuki-san
as Aizome Kento
Uemura Yuuto-san
as Masunaga Kazuna
Kakihara Tetsuya-san
as Onzai Momotaro
Morikubo Showtaro-san
as Osari Hikaru
Okawa Genki-san
as Nome Tatsuhiro
Cast mikado
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Masuda Toshiki
Cast yuduki
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Nishiyama Koutarou
Cast haruhi
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Yashiro Taku
Cast akane
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Chiba Shoya
Cast miroku
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia/Cast Interview Eguchi Takuya
Masuda Toshiki-san
as Sekimura Mikado
Nishiyama Koutarou-san
as Teramitsu Yuduki
Yashiro Taku-san
as Teramitsu Haruhi
Chiba Shoya-san
as Fudo Akane
Eguchi Takuya-san
as Shingari Miroku


『FILA』 makes its appearance in 『B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia』!

Special fila

B-PROJECT attempt being advertising models on a global scale dressed in 『FILA』 clothes. While proceeding with the preparations for the DOME tour, with『FILA』, a new field opens for the members.

Special fila0

About FILA
FILA has been around for the past half-century at the iconic moments of extraordinary athletes, who combine their constant strength and elegance, to bravely push their boundaries and exceed expectations.
From its inception in 1911 as a small knitwear factory in Biella, Italy, to the introduction of the first colored tennis wear in 1973, FILA is as bold and breathtaking as the athletes who wear it. We are proud of our design.

With a philosophy of innovation and a commitment to functionality and sophistication, we continue to present a highly functional style with an unprecedented aesthetic.

FILA Official Site https://www.fila.jp/



Theme Song「Ryusei*Fantasia」

Lyrics・Composition:Miyazaki Mayu
Arrangement:Kasa Yasuhiro

Ending Theme「Blue period」

Lyrics:Morita Kota

Ending Theme「Seize your light」

Lyrics:Yahagi Ayaka
Composition:KOUDAI IWATSUBO、Kokei"CO-K"Takafumi


Game jacket
B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia
Nintendo Switch™ / Nintendo Switch™ Lite
iOS / Android (JPN)
PC via Steam (EN)
Nintendo Switch™ Version
30 September 2021 (JPN)
26 July 2024 (EN)
20 September 2024 (Traditional CN)

iOS / Android Version (JPN)
10 February 2022

PC via Steam (EN)
15 July 2024
Nintendo Switch™ Version (JPN)
Normal Version: 8,580 yen (tax included)
Limited Edition (2 types): 10,780 yen each (tax included)
Super Limited Edition (2 types): 22,880 yen each (tax included)
Download Version: 7,700 yen (tax included)

iOS / Android Version (JPN)
4,900 yen (tax included)

Nintendo Switch™ Version (EN)
Normal Version: $69.99 CAD

PC via Steam Version (EN)

Nintendo Switch™ Version (Traditional CN)
Normal Version: $398 HKD
Limited Edition (2 types): $658 HKD
B (Ages 12 and above)
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Present icon Limited Edition Benefits

B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia Limited Edition

KitaKore & MooNs ver.

Gamelimited daikoku

★ 7 types of Can Badges (Kitakore & MooNs)
★ 1 type of 2L Size Bromide (Kitakore & MooNs)
★ Limited BOX


Gamelimited brave

★ 7 types of Can Badges (THRIVE & KiLLER KiNG)
★ 1 type of 2L Size Bromide (THRIVE & KiLLER KiNG)
★ Limited BOX

Present icon Super Limited Edition Benefits

B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia Super Limited Edition

KitaKore & MooNs ver.

Gamesuperlimited daikoku

★ Drama CD & Soundtrack
★ Visual Book
★ 7 kinds of Acrylic Stands (Kitakore & MooNs)
★ 7 types of Can Badges (Kitakore & MooNs)
★ 1 type of 2L Size Bromide (Kitakore & MooNs)
★ Limited BOX


Gamesuperlimited brave

★ Drama CD & Soundtrack
★ Visual Book
★ 7 kinds of Acrylic Stands (THRIVE & KiLLER KiNG)
★ 7 types of Can Badges (THRIVE & KiLLER KiNG)
★ 1 type of 2L Size Bromide (THRIVE & KiLLER KiNG)
★ Limited BOX

<Drama CD Contents>
Cast: Kitakado Tomohisa (Ono Daisuke) / Korekuni Ryuji (Kishio Daisuke) / Kaneshiro Goshi (Toyonaga Toshiyuki) / Ashu Yuta (Hanae Natsuki) / Aizome Kento (Kato Kazuki) / Masunaga Kazuna (Uemura Yuto) / Onzai Momotaro (Kakihara Tetsuya) / Osari Hikaru (Morikubo Shotaro) / Nome Tatsuhiro (Okawa Genki) / Sekimura Mikado (Masuda Toshiki) / Teramitsu Yuduki (Nishiyama Koutaro) / Teramitsu Haruhi (Yashiro Taku) / Fudo Akane (Chiba Shoya) / Shingari Miroku (Eguchi Takuya)
Synopsis: A variety about B-PRO members challenging situation drama designated by the Program Show "B-PRO IN YOUR LIFE" with ad lib. 14 people will be divided into young team and adult team, and will have a fierce battle!

• The Super Limited Edition will be sold exclusively at LOVE & ART OFFICIAL FANCLUB and LOVE & ART SHOP.
• The "Drama CD & Soundtrack" and "Visual Book" included in the Super Limited Edition have the same contents as "-Kitakore & MooNs ver.-" and "-THRIVE & KiLLER KiNG ver.-".
• The Super Limited Edition and each version of the "Can Badge 7 types" and "2L Size Bromide 1 type" included in the Limited Edition have the same design.

Present icon Early Reservation Campaign

One Random Bromide (14 types in total) will be given to those who reserve
the target product during the campaign period !

Game bromide

Early Reservation Campaign

Period May 19, 2021 (Wednesday) - July 18, 2021 (Sunday)
Target Nationwide Animate・Stellaworth (Including Online Shops)
Benefits Random Bromide (14 types in total)
* Members cannot be selected due to random distribution.
Shipping B-PROJECT Ryusei * Fantasia
• Limited Edition -Kitakore & MooNs ver.-
• Limited Edition -THRIVE & KiLLER KiNG ver.-
• Normal version
Redemption Period September 30, 2021 (Thursday) - October 6, 2021 (Wednesday)
Precautions • Bromide will be handed over at the time of product delivery.
You will be given a [Award Exchange Receipt] or [Voucher] at the time of booking, so please present it when you receive it.
• Please note that customers who do not have a [Award Exchange Receipt] or [Voucher] cannot hand it over.
Also, please be careful not to lose it as it cannot be reissued.
• The delivery method is different for mail order. For customers using this service, please check how to handle mail orders at each target store.
• Please note that we cannot accept returns of products after the award has been handed over.
• The contents of the fair may be changed, postponed or canceled due to various reasons.
• All prizes, benefits, application tickets, vouchers, etc. related to the measures are prohibited from being transferred to a third party or resold at auctions.
• We apologize for any inquiries, but please contact each target store.

Shop icon2 Store Benefits


Game loveandart

★ Drama CD「Afternoon in Paris」
★ 2L Size Bromide

<Drama CD Contents>
Title: Afternoon in Paris
Cast: Kitakado Tomohisa (Ono Daisuke) / Korekuni Ryuji (Kishio Daisuke) / Ashu Yuta (Hanae Natsuki) / Onzai Momotaro (Kakihara Tetsuya)
Synopsis: Kitakore stretches their wings in Paris for a short vacation. Enjoying their shopping and delicious food. From their fulfilling time in their travels, what did the two brought back to Japan--


Game animate

★ Drama CD「At a certain yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo」
※Included in all products

<Drama CD Contents>
Title: At a certain yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo
Cast: Kaneshiro Goshi (Toyonaga Toshiyuki) / Ashu Yuta (Hanae Natsuki) / Aizome Kento (Kato Kazuki) / Osari Hikaru (Morikubo Shotaro) / Teramitsu Haruhi (Yashiro Taku)
Synopsis: After work, THRIVE visits a yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo. Ashu, who is pleased since it's been a long time since the three of team sat at the table, smiles at the quarrel between Kaneshiro and Aizome.

Animate Limited Set

Game animateset

[Price] Limited Edition: 12,870 yen (tax included) / Regular Edition: 10,670 yen (tax included)

★ Newly written Short Story Booklet
★ B2 Monitor Cover Cloth

<Contents of the newly written Shot Story Booklet>
Title: Unexpected Crisis
Cast: Sumisora Tsubasa, Kitakado Tomohisa, Korekuni Ryuji, Aizome Kento, Onzai Momotaro, Osari Hikaru, Fudo Akane, Shingari Miroku
Synopsis: Super busy A&R Sumisora Tsubasa. She became a member of the society, finished her first long vacation, and returned to her members, Now she's like a different person--!?
※Contents are subjected to change.


Game stellaworth

★ Drama CD「Wedding Morning」
※Included in all products

<Drama CD Contents>
Title: Wedding Morning
Cast: Masunaga Kazuna (Uemura Yuto) / Onzai Momotaro (Kakihara Tetsuya) / Osari Hikaru (Morikubo Shotaro) / Nome Tatsuhiro (Okawa Genki) / Sekimura Mikado (Masuda Toshiki) / Kaneshiro Goshi (Toyonaga Toshiyuki)
Synopsis: MooNs will be attending the wedding ceremony of an Office Staff together. On the morning of the day when they were supposed to be ready, the voices that were flying out of their home were noisier than usual.

Stella Set

Game stellaset

[Price] Limited Edition: 12,100 yen (tax included) / Regular Edition: 9,900 yen (tax included)

★ Newly written Short Story Booklet
★ B2 Cloth Poster

<Contents of the newly written Shot Story Booklet>
Title: Love Death Game
Cast: Sumisora Tsubasa, Kaneshiro Goshi, Ashu Yuta, Masunaga Kazuna, Nome Tatsuhiro, Sekimura Mikado, Teramitsu Yuduki, Teramitsu Haruhi
Synopsis: As popular idols, B-PRO are chased by magazine and TV interviews every day. Meanwhile, interviews on the theme of romance keeps overlapping, and Sumisora worries about her struggles to support the members.
※Contents are subjected to change.


Game ebiten

★ Drama CD「Wisdom Tooth」
※Included in all products

<Drama CD Contents>
Title: Wisdom Tooth
Cast: Teramitsu Yuduki (Nishiyama Koutaro) / Teramitsu Haruhi (Yashiro Taku) / Fudo Akane (Chiba Shoya) / Shingari Miroku (Eguchi Takuya) / Kitakado Tomohisa (Ono Daisuke)
Synopsis: Yuduki and Haruhi have returned home without their wisdom teeth. Yuduki abides by the dietary restrictions after his tooth extraction, but what is the fate of Haruhi who ignores the worries of his members to eat a Katsu Sandwich.

ebten DX Pack

Game ebitenset

[Price] Limited Edition: 16,280 yen (tax included) / Regular Edition: 14,080 yen (tax included)

★ A3 Tapestry
★ Acrylic clock

LOVE & ART SHOP (in Chara-ani)

Game charaani

★ L Size Bromide 1 type


Game amazon

★ A4 Clear File

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