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Event Type Merchandise Sale
Date 10 April 2020 - 7 May 2020

BMon header story
After getting a check-up on their guardian spirits types, each of the Knights, who receive a mission from the stars, is equipped with a familiar that embodies their guardian spirit. As they live and grow together, the monsters learn about themselves and take after their Knights' personalities and tastes.
The monsters types are determined by their Knight's fated star.
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BMon header character

BMon Tomohisa BMon Ryuji

BMon Goshi BMon Yuuta

BMon Kento BMon Kazuna

BMon Momotaro BMon Hikaru

BMon Tatsuhiro BMon Mikado

BMon Yuduki BMon Haruhi

BMon Akane BMon Miroku
BMon end

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