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Date 1 April 2024

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【OBS】 is an organization of demons living nonchalantly among humans.
【Nightmare】are a team of exorcists who fit in human society.
They had been operating independently, but as the activity of low-level demons intensified throughout the city, they re-established contact.

The esthetics of demons, the pride of exorcists.
And a "certain secret" revealed by that conflict.

Once all is revealed, what conclusion will they reachー

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High-class demons with human-like bodies. They have an office called OBS (obscurimper) in a high-end residential area and work as "dark subcontractors," seeking revenge on others' behalf. Their clients are mainly wealthy individuals, and they accept various requests based on the amount of money offered.
They love human blood, which is why they still look so young and beautiful.

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They have an office called "Nightmare" in a downtown multi-tenant complex. They are known as "jacks of all trades," but in actuality, they probe and exorcise "demon deeds," which, in rare cases, are hidden within their requests. They have recently received a large number of requests for problems and accidents that are thought to have been caused by demons, and are to be on the lookout.

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Half goshi

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Trading SD Can Badge 1/2 ver. Trading SD Acrylic Stand Keychain 1/2 ver.
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