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Ah! Hey, Princess, look at this magazine! It's the finest, fluffy pancakes! They look reaaally good, right? Among sweets, I especially love pancakes! Let's go eat them next time~!

Yuta is the energetic part of THRIVE. When Kento and Goshi dispute again he plays the role of the mediator. Despite his innocent appearance he is a wolf in sheep clothes.


Yuta is an average tall boy with an average build. His has short, slightly unruled and curly pink hair. His eyes are a colour mix of purple, pink and a tint of yellow. A prominent feature of his are his freckles and the two fangs in the front row of his teeth. He occasionally wears an earring on the right side.

He usually wears colourful clothes with lots of different patterns.


He has a very expressive and bubbly personality. When getting close to someone he tends to become attached. Yuta shows great care for those he holds dear. He possesses a naturally warm presence and childlike curiosity. But sometimes his mischievous side comes out, and likes to tease his friends; Goshi is often a subject of his teasing.

In contrast to his bright attitude, Yuta also has moments when he doubts himself. His disastrous sense of direction and clumsiness cause trouble many times which make him lose confidence in himself. While he is the mediator when Goshi and Kento are fighting, he often unintentionally adds fuel to the flames. It happens that he excludes himself from the two because he feels inferior to his two band mates.

When problems occur, he conceals them at first but becomes serious at some point.[1] Yuta enjoys being an idol and tries his best to satisfy their fans.

Not much is known about his past. He has a father who is as lively as him and they've been told they are quite similar to each other. Yuuta affectionately addresses his father as Papa.[2] It was also mentioned before that he has a mother and 2 older sisters. His family also owns a dog, its name is Chocolat.[3][4][5]


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Within THRIVE, Yuta and Kento tend to get along the most. They will both tease Goshi whenever something is against his favor.[6] Kento can also be seen acting like an older brother to Yuta on some occasions and scolds or reminds him of what was said before (e.g. SR Love Meter).[7] Sometimes Kento will go along with Yuta's ideas to annoy or get Goshi to do something.[8]

Kento mainly does the styling for Yuta's hair[9] and especially hates it whenever it's rainy season as it tends to make Yuta's hair even more unruly.

On the other hand, Yuta would sometimes forcefully tag along with Kento to bars.[10]

Yuta and Tsubasa’s relationship has been on a friendly term since she started as their A&R. His open personality makes it easy for people to get acquainted with him. He quickly welcomed her into his inner circle of friends. She takes up the role of the big sister in their relationship.

Besides his love for sweets, there is another recurring subject in Yuta’s stories, his self-doubt. The more time passed, the more Tsubasa came to understand that he is not always the cheerful guy he pretends to be in difficult situations. As such she became an important source of comfort for him. At times when he is down after he got lost again or messed up she tries to cheer him up. Unlike his teammates, Tsubasa meets him with kindness and encouraging words.

An important moment of their bond is depicted in the game’s Main Story Season 1, Story 3: Love’s Whereabouts. Goshi and Kento have a big fight, Yuta as usual tries to lighten up the heavy atmosphere but it backfires. The former two don’t mince their harsh words which greatly hurts Yuta who runs out of the apartment. Tsubasa runs after him and he opens up to her about his lack of self-confidence and act of concealing his insecurities. He asked if she could hold his hands and speak encouraging words to him.[1] He also asked in other occasions as well.[11][12]

Though just like his title of a ‘Carnivore Sheep’ says, he has a mischievous side to him that throws Tsubasa off-guard sometimes. He gives her comments like ‘I want to be petted by Tsubasa-chan as well.’ (SR「 Copycat」) or ‘If it’s with Tsubasa-chan, I don’t mind getting lost again.’. This stands in contrast to the times he genuinely tries to get her attention by acting cool.[12][13]

It has been hinted on a few occasions that he might harbor romantic feelings for her, most noticeably shown in Season 2, Ep. 5 「KICK OFF」 where he tries to win the opportunity to go on a concert with Tsubasa, not knowing that everything is based on a big misunderstanding.[13]

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  • He has no sense of direction.[14]
  • Yuta's type are people with a bright personality.[15]
  • He has a passion for sweets and in particular strawberry milk.
  • Yuuta broke the oven when he was trying to make a gratin and damaged the kitchen. Hence Kento banned him from using the kitchen. [16][10]
  • "I love to watch this late night talk show called 'Adult's Mission!' and watch it every week."[17]
  • Yuuta says that every morning when Kento wakes up, he looks at himself in the mirror and tells himself "I am the world's coolest." A beauty act.[5]
  • Yuuta uses the muscle training equipment that Goushi gave as his birthday present. But the mixer that Kento gave to him was confiscated because he did not wash it after use.[17][18]
  • His representative animal is a sheep. His personal monster/mascot is called Ashumon.[19][20]

  • 阿 (a) - The first letter of Sanskrit, अ (a)
  • 修 (shu) - discipline, conduct oneself well/ study, master
Given Name
  • 悠 (yu) - permanence
  • 太 (ta) - big, fat, great
Yuta's name derives from Ashura(阿修羅), one of the Eight Legions in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon.



# Looks like an Angel
# Super Positive
# Catastrophic with Directions
# Born Well-rounded
# Friendly Mr. Popularity
# THRIVE cornerstone
# Spontaneous Idol