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Kaneshiro Goshi Twitter Icon Kaneshiro Goshi @B-Project · Oct 30 Happy birthday. Ain't no need to say it again, but there have been quite a few situations both B-PRO and KiLLER KiNG wouldn't have been able to overcome without you, Fudo. That said, let's keep gettin' along. I'm counting on you.

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Nome Tatsuhiro Twitter Icon Nome Tatsuhiro @B-Project · Oct 30 Happy birthday. Let's set aside some time to train with Shingari too next time.
Pretty sure you also know your stuff about muscle-building, no? It'll be more fun with more people to train with. Think about it.
... Anyway, I've got you workout clothes.

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Shingari Miroku Twitter Icon Shingari Miroku @B-Project · Oct 30 Akane, happy birthday. How many birthdays have we celebrated already?
I hope to continue... no, we will continue doing so.
I look forward to what lies ahead as we move forward as part of KiLLER KiNG and B-PROJECT.
Lastly, Nome-san's inviting us to muscle train. Please think about it.

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