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Aren't you tired, Princess? Even if you try to hide it, you can't get anything past me. You need a change of pace every once in a while, so... why don't we go on a date?

The oldest member of B-PROJECT. Kento is a flirt who often goes on dates with girls. When not busy with dates, he is concerned with his looks, in particular, his bangs.


With 181 cm, he is the tallest member alongside his junior Shingari Miroku. Kento's light blue hair is parted to the left and is cut in a mix of a side-and undercut, leaning to the latter. His eyes have the same color as his hair, a clear light blue. A prominent feature are his long bottom eyelashes. 

Kento often wears button-down shirts or sweaters. In general, he is well-dressed.


Kento often is described as a narcissist with high pride. Despite his flirtatious and carefree attitude, he pays close attention to his surroundings. Though Kento has a rather big gap in personality. He does not believe in teamwork[1] and tends to push his mistakes on other people. Albeit he does his best when things do not go as he planned he can become indifferent and cold.

In contrast to his confident attitude stands his, often mentioned, clumsiness. Both the anime and game have shown that Kento struggles with tasks that require craftsmanship. It's so grave that even Goshi and Yuta tend to dissuade him from taking those kind of jobs. However, to make their fans happy he is willing to put all his effort into challenging his unskillfulness and can be quite stubborn in doing so.

A defining character trait of Kento is his lack of understanding for love. This is why he has great difficulties expressing genuine feelings of love when it comes to acting. [2] He is not aware of his need for warmth and love.

In Episode 9「A Cheating PLAY BOY」and some stories from the game hinted at a lonely past.[1] It resulted in his complex view on love.[2]

Later, it was revealed that Kento was raised in a single-mother family. Kento was born in Nagasaki.[3] His mother, Reiko, works during the night and was barely at home.[4] So there was barely any communication between the two. Added by the fact that they often move to different prefectures due to his mother's job, this resulted in Kento having a lonely childhood.[5]He would visit the nearby church near his home to avoid being alone at home.[6]

Starved with the lack of attention and boredom from being alone, Kento immersed himself into watching TV. He began wanting to be someone who can capture the full attention of others. Since idols look particularly gorgeous and cool, he decides to become an idol.[5] By becoming an idol, he could create a place where he has a sense of belonging to, unlike his home.[7]

Kento auditioned, joined Bambi and moved to Tokyo when he was in first year of middle school.


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Ryuji and Kento are friends who exchange information regarding beauty. There was once where Kento bought a hair cream after hearing about it from Ryuji who had used it. [8]

The both of them were unaware of the fact that they were half-siblings until the events in B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia. Kento was the first to find out that Kenzo was his father through his mother, Reiko. Ryuji finds out about his father's affair and secret child after his father was admitted to the hospital through Yuta.

At first, Ryuji was unaccepting of the fact that his father did such a thing and wanted KitaKore to leave B-PROJECT because he can't trust them anymore, especially Yuta. But he is aware that none of this was Kento's fault and after coming to terms with the sudden revelation he wants to better understand Kento, starting with his past. Kento assumes it's done out of pity towards him though. He tells Ryuji that he knows that B-PROJECT will eventually end one day and doesn't mind him leaving B-PROJECT. However, he tells Ryuji that what he's doing now isn't like himself. He knows that Ryuji isn’t a person to give up on things. Contradicting his words, he tells Ryuji to forgive Yuta.

Afterwards, Kento continues to act out of character. Goshi confronts him and tells him to speak out his true feelings. Kento initially denies to do so but eventually admits that he feels frustated about this whole situation: Suddenly knowing who his father is, a person who was never involved in his life up until now. He also doesn’t want B-PROJECT to disband. Meanwhile, Ryuji comes to the realization of how he will miss being with B-PROJECT. He was struck with the guilt of hurting Kento and Yuta. He wishes to remain in B-PROJECT. Thus KitaKore decides to remain in B-PROJECT.

After talking things out with their father, Ryuji and Kento decide to treat each other as siblings. They plan to arrange a meeting with the rest of Ryuji's family and have a talk among all the siblings, including Ryuji's sister.

Despite his seemingly happy-go-lucky attitude, Kento considers Hikaru a stylish person and a handsome rival worthy of his attention. In fact, he has often used Hikaru as a model and partner for his self-produced brand (KENT AIZOME).[9]

Kento and Miroku get along pretty well. As the both of them are very health-conscious, they often talk about topics related to health.[10]

As a senpai, Kento drives Miroku to places if he asks, and treats him kindly.[11]

Kento and Tsubasa's relationship is perhaps the one that changed the most, noticeble mainly in the game. When she was introduced as their A&R, to him Tsubasa was like any other woman Kento associated with until then. But over time this steadily changed.

Despite the subtle shift in their relationship, Kento's flirty attitude towards her stays. He often tries to get a "reward" from her, in the form of hugs or kisses, for the work he has done. Rather than being charmed, Tsubasa most of the time is perplexed and lost when he makes advances to her. The situation is either interrupted by another member or she runs away. However, as time goes by she learns how to handle these situations, resulting in a much more relaxed relationship between both.

Aside from his friendships with the other members, his bond with Tsubasa is also important as it slowly reveals the complexity behind his understanding of love. In S1, Ep. 9 he confides his hidden feelings to Tsubasa. Due to the lack of affection in his childhood, presumably by his mother as was shown in Ep. 9, he grew up without knowing what love means thus mistaking simple, romantic relationships as love.[1]
Those complicated feelings are a recurring subject in his card stories and in the game's Main Story Season 1, Story 2: THRIVE’s Love where it takes center stage. When with Tsubasa he recalls his childhood, mumbling about it or becoming lost in thoughts.[2] Good examples are his SSR「Flower Garden」, SSR「Sparkling Town」 and SSR「Lost Child」 where it becomes apparent that behind the confident act lies someone who craves honest affection.

At some point Tsubasa managed to break down a bit of the wall Kento built around himself. They are comfortable enough for Kento to consult about problems with her and stop the playboy act for that moment. He all too often is genuinely surprised at the different reactions she gives him for his advances and actions. Unlike the many women he kept company with she didn't give in to his charm yet.

Besides the romantic aspects of their bond, Tsubasa became the one person that he goes to first when it is about his precious bangs. Her opinion is very important to him. They also have tea as their shared interests. Both are found to often drink tea together and talk about new tea flavours.

The more time passed the more Kento lets his guard down around her, acting unusually childish and whiny. She even tends to tease him about his clumsiness. Overall she shows him kindness and understanding, almost appearing like a mother for him.

In his Kizuna story[12] Goshi had to change apartments every night because Kento and Yuta had the flu. Naturally KTKR also offered their place to stay for the time his two teammates are resting from sickness. But Goshi wasn't comfortable at all during his stay. He's greatly confused and put off by their overall atmosphere at home. In this opinion, everything has this "aristocratic" touch which makes him even more uneasy.

Goshi and MooNs are complete polar opposites. He had his communication difficulties with Momotaro, but they both learned to get along. Mikado often remarks Goshi's anger issues and that it produces winkles on his forehead – which in turn makes Goshi more annoyed. Tatsuhiro and Goshi get along well because of the former's calm nature. They share a reading American comics as a hobby, sometimes recommending issues they liked to the other[13].

However, Goshi finds MooNs to be too overbearing as a group, a conclusion he came to after he had to change his sleeping place every day because Kento and Yuta had the flu. MooNs didn't want to burden him with housework, so they made him a bit uncomfortable when everything was taken care of for him (see Goshi's Kizuna story in Kaikan*Everyday.

Goshi is viewed in high regards as a much-respected musician among his juniors, especially the twins have a special attachment to him – as the ones who have personal connections to the English language. Yuduki and Haruhi tend to cling to and tease Goshi, often persuading him to do activities together as a group with their puppy eyes. Haruhi dreams of going on a car ride with Goshi when he obtained his driver's license or drink his first alcohol with Goshi when he legally becomes an adult. Yuduki also sees him as a great mentor who gives valuable advice for the future as a music artist and his personal growth [14].

Akane and Goshi's connection goes back to the Bambi era where the former was planned to debut with THRIVE but debuted with KiLLER KiNG instead. Even though this decision was made to fully maximize Akane's potential in a group that suits him better, he has ever since carried a strong inferior complex towards THRIVE. So while he is happy with KiLLER KiNG there's always a hint of self-doubt deep down his heart[3][15].

According to Eisuke THRIVE has "genius musical sense" – that's why he highly respects them as true artists[16].

THRIVE's impression of Ultras is as diverse as the members themselves. Goshi dislikes their arrogant demeanor as rookies. For Ultras, GANDARA Music is merely a steppingstone to greater fame and success which Goshi thinks is disrespectful towards everyone involved.
Kento is less emotional in this regard. He takes what is given to him, so he isn't too bothered by Ultras' actions, similarly to Ryuji. Yuta treats Ultras with the same kind nature as with everyone he becomes acquainted with. Moreover, he is the one to defend them from Goshi's harsh words but is also worried about their surprising decisions which in turn give Tsubasa more work to deal with.

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  • He hates rain and bugs.
  • He owns a driver's license.
  • Kento maintains a strict diet.
  • He is quite clumsy and has a passion for herbal tea.
  • Kento loves to take photos.[17]
  • Kento enjoys Hot Yoga. Driving after yoga is the best. [18]
  • Recently, Kento is addicted to making fresh juice in the morning.[17]
  • Kento spends his day off by going to movies or driving to the seaside. [19]
  • Kento recently enjoys drinking wine. He knows a lot of fashionable bars but sometimes Yuuta will forcefully tag along with him.[20]
  • He tends to drink when he is lonely.[21]
  • Kento does not like it when a girl chooses work over him.[22]
  • Kento is able to identify different types of flowers. As girls like them, it doesn't hurt for him to know. [23]
  • Kento hates nattō.[24]
  • His representative animal is a fox. His personal monster/mascot is called Kenheart.[25][26]

  • 愛 (ai) - love
  • 染 (zome) - dye, color, paint, stain, print
Given Name
  • 健 (ken) - strong, robust, healthy/ strength
  • 十 (to) - ten
Kento's name derives from Aizen-Myouou(愛染明王), one of the Five Wisdom Kings in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon. He is a deity of both physical and intellectual desire and represents the concept that "earthly desires are enlightenment".



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# Gorgeous-looking Guy
# Fawns' Boyfriend
# Mentally Fragile
# Hates insects to the point of trembling
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# Lady-killer Master of Love